Face Yoga

Face gym workouts: expert review

Written by Maria NeverovichUpdated on 23 May 2024
Face Yoga

Face gym workouts: expert review

Written by Maria Neverovich.Updated at 23 May 2024
What springs to your mind when you think of Face Gym? Maybe a hard-core workout for your face, complete with weights and all the bells and whistles? In fact, Face Gym is a face care approach that is spreading like wildfire among well-being enthusiasts and beauty media. Of course, we couldn’t remain on the sideline of such an event and found out all the details for you. In this article, you’ll discover what Face Gym is and how it can help you make your face look more toned and sculpted, avoiding any invasive procedures.

What does Face Gym do to face?

So, what is a Face Gym, and what can it do for your face? The idea of a face workout came from the renowned fitness columnist Inge Theron. As of today, she‘s been creating her new facial skincare approach for two years while traveling the world and consulting renowned doctors, fitness specialists, and facialists. As a result, Inge came up with a unique face workout technique that includes several stages: warm-up, cardio, sculpting, and soothing. Some stages, such as cardio and sculpting, require the application of special non-surgical devices that help engage facial muscles into work, tighten, and tone them. Over 40 muscles become activated in the workout, shaping a new look with tighter and more lifted facial contours.

Do face exercises work?

A diverse range of facial exercises constitute a large part of the Face Gym technique. They work just like facial yoga exercises and aim to tackle the same facial beauty problems such as face bloating, wrinkling, saggy skin, and many others. But do facial exercises actually work? Many beauty devotees have tested these exercises, and the answer is… YES. In fact, they can help improve facial conditions in many ways:
  • Enhance muscle flexibility with warm-up exercises
  • Reduce puffiness around the eyes by stimulating lymph circulation
  • Saturate facial muscle cells with oxygen, improving facial complexion
  • Stimulate collagen production in cells, enabling our facial skin to stay beautiful and young longer
  • Visibly lift face features by toning facial muscles

How long do the effects of Face Gym last?

While Face Gym exercises confer certain facial benefits, comparing the facial workout to other facial beauty procedures is always tempting. Although Face Gym can do a lot of good to your face, ensuring a smooth complexion and reduced puffiness, its improvements are often short-lived without consistent practice. The effects of a one-time procedure are immediate and can last just for a day, so it’s a great option for the eve of an important event. That said, it’s still worth including a workout for your face in your daily routine, as it encourages collagen production and improves overall looks in the long run.

What are the benefits of Face Gym and facial massage?

Facial massage is another essential part of the Face Gym approach. Facial massage serves two principal functions: warming up and soothing facial muscles. Warming up increases muscle flexibility, preparing your face for an intensive workout and special Face Gym procedures used during cardio and sculpting. Meanwhile, soothing allows for releasing muscle tension and flattening the muscle knots that can form from involuntary daily face muscle straining. Face Gym experts often use special face products and devices to better work through the facial muscles and obtain greater benefits. They can include facial oils and serums in the blend with weighted balls for tension release, hydrating active rollers, and many other innovative tools.

What are the disadvantages of facial exercises?

Just like any beauty technique, facial exercises have their disadvantages. And one of the main shortcomings is the temporary(ish) effect if not done consistently. Just like any exercise, if you don’t keep activating your muscles, they will lose tone. So for best results, you’ll need repetitive sessions. Another disadvantage, suggested by the technique’s doubters, is that accessible facial exercises can cause new wrinkles or stretched skin due to repeated movements. But, thank Aphrodite, this criticism currently has no scientific basis either way.

What is the most effective face exercise?

Speaking about the most effective face exercise, we should acknowledge that there is no holy grail that will fix all the facial problems you encounter daily. Each face requires an individualized treatment approach. For some, the most effective face exercise is puffing cheeks to reduce cheek chubbiness. For others, it’s neck and jaw stretching to make neck and jaw lines more pronounced. That’s why you should take your time and consider which facial issues you’ve got to focus on and which facial exercises you’d love to include in your daily routine.

Does Face Gym actually work?

Facial exercises are a viable option for those who prefer a noninvasive approach to improving facial features. They help tone the face, reduce swelling around the eyes, and fill the skin with oxygen, cultivating a more radiant and youthful appearance. At the same time, facial exercises make up a substantial part of Face Gym practice, effectively mixing with massage and other beauty procedures. Therefore, we can safely say that Face Gym, just like facial exercises, has positive visual results on the face.

Face Gym cost and locations

If you live in NYC, London, Sydney, or LA, you can become a member of an officially established Face Gym beauty salon. In this case, finding a Face Gym spot with the face care professionals specializing in facial workouts will be easy. The average price in such salons for different treatment procedures, including face workouts, can range from $130 to $400 for a 45-80 minute session. However, if there aren’t any Face Gym offices around or the service appears to be a bit pricey, there are also viable alternatives for face gym exercises you could do at home. Hint, hint, we’ve got some right here at Luvly. There are a wide range of facial exercise masterclasses you can find online. This also gives you the luxury of scheduling your daily face care routine at your convenience and performing it from the comfort of your home.
_Reviewed by Angela Rosoff, a Certified Face Yoga Method instructor, 500HR Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga teacher, and a Luvly app face yoga expert. She has developed her health coaching practice for the past 10 years and has focused on face yoga for the past two years with client great response. _