Luvly Editorial Policy

Effective as of 1 July 2022
The Luvly editorial policy oversees every piece of content on our site as well as in our application. We work by the extensive guidelines that define our content integrity, anti-bias sourcing policy, fact-checking guarantees, reviewing principles, and more.

Luvly’s Mission

Luvly is an anti-aging beautification face fitness app that helps you sculpt the perfect visage using specially tailored facial yoga techniques.We know that true beauty comes from the balance within. So we support our face fitness program with a holistic approach to health and beauty.We aim to help our customers observe how their skin feels day by day. We help to keep close track of the beautification progress to help them care for themselves even better.We see our task as to help you to perform and manage your face skin care routines and exercises. And also, to provide you with all the necessary information you’ll need on your journey to a more youthful and content you.

Expertise Policy

All of our writers are experts in their respective fields, and our editorial team provides thorough pre-publication review for every piece of content before we get it to you. We have a meticulous fact-checking policy applied to all our data. Besides, every piece of content with the relation to the medical field is mandatory peer-reviewed by the experts board. The experts board consists of the certified doctors, practitioners, and scientists in a variety of fields.Our board of medical experts bears scientific degrees with completed academic credentials and related accolades from the top international universities. When it comes to our lifestyle content, we engage the most experienced writers, and we go the extra mile to ensure that whatever we suggest for our users, we try ourselves. In our team there are fitness junkies, vegan lovers, wellness advocates, and healthy living adepts; before we get any advice out to you, we try it ourselves to make sure it really works.

Sourcing and Citations

Just like you healthy lifestyle lovers, we know that the internet is full of controversial statements. The information sources’ credibility varies massively. This is why we have extensive policies regulating the sources and databases we use for content creation. Our writers and editors follow the strict guidelines for the articles creation.We only use credible and trustworthy sources, namely: the expert researches, science magazines and journals, academic databases, government organizations bulletins, reports and statements by the reputable governmental sources, and comments by renowned certified experts.Confirmed scientific data is the basis for Luvly’s helpful and efficient guides and know-hows. Wherever we provide the medical data or advice, we will mention the sources and cite the credentials of the author to ensure our readers get the full context.

Medical Disclaimer

Luvly's content is not medical advice, a diagnosis, or a treatment plan for any facial skin condition. It should never be substituted for a treatment plan by your doctor or a specialist. If you are experiencing any medical skin conditions or have concerns, please consult your healthcare provider before commencing any program.

Fact Checking

Wherever applicable, our writers do thorough fact-checking of the utilized facts, claims, data and any kind of information. We employ an editorial board of experienced journalists, as well as the expert board of certified medics. They review all our content before publishing to ensure that all our advice is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.


Luvly's mission is to provide our readers with accurate, comprehensive, reliable information in the wellness and beauty fields. We see ourselves as the bearers of knowledge, therefore we aim to concentrate all facts that are of interest to our audience in the comfortable format. We go an extra mile to put the needs of our readers first. To ensure the transparency and trustworthiness of our resources, we always accompany our articles and posts with a clear byline stating the author's name and credentials.

Accuracy and Corrections

Among Luvly's core values is the accuracy of our fact-checked published data. Also, it is our commitment to have transparent communication with our users and readers. We are ready to instill proper correction practices where applicable.The mass of our cornerstone content is duly updated and checked for the relevancy to guarantee its accuracy for the readers at all times. Should you notice the inaccuracy in the scientific data or factual errors in the published materials, we encourage you to let us know via the email with the subject "correction", and we will investigate the case.

There is more

As our application and portal are both developing products, we do not limit our editorial policies to the abovementioned. With our new applications, chapters and areas are coming up, we will complement and elaborate on the relevant principles so that they accurately reflect all essential values of Luvly in the modern world.