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Face Yoga

Approved by Experts Face Yoga Benefits: Yoga Benefits for Skin | Luvly

Written by Vera KarimovaUpdated on 17 Jul 2024
Face Yoga

Approved by Experts Face Yoga Benefits: Yoga Benefits for Skin | Luvly

Written by Vera Karimova.Updated at 17 Jul 2024
Face yoga adds many benefits to your daily life. Not only is it a no-surgery beautification technique that’s easy and accessible, but face yoga is also a wonderful emotional experience that brightens up your life, one day at a time. Relevant reading: What is Face Yoga? Complete Guide to Facial Fitness Now, let’s take a closer look at the aspects of face yoga that can impact your whole well-being.

Benefits of face yoga for your face

A team of researchers from Northwestern University has proven that doing face yoga on a regular basis can make your face look younger. (1) But there are many other benefits in it. Let's take a look.

1. It makes you look younger

By doing face yoga in the morning and evening, you can reduce the appearance of both mimic and fine wrinkles. Have you noticed how the areas of the nasolabial folds, “marionette mouth,” give away a person’s age? By putting some effort into exercising and massaging these areas, you can knock 2-3 years off your age in just a few weeks.

2. It improves your skin condition

Face yoga, like body yoga, stretches the muscles of your face. The increased activity in the engaged muscles draws a flow of blood, providing your face with a boost of oxygen and nutrition. This fresh blood flow reaches the skin on your face, making it look brighter and more youthful.

3. It relaxes your face muscles

The unbeatable benefit of face yoga is the relaxation it brings. Though your first thought might be that this doesn’t sound right as the exercise is about ‘toning’ your face, it’s actually true! Why is relaxing your facial muscles important? Look in the mirror while tightly clenching your jaw. Now, try relaxing your jaw so that there is a little space between your upper and lower front teeth. See how relaxing your face makes your features look more rounded and less sharp. You’re likely to look calmer and more peaceful.

4. It makes your face look more symmetrical

Humans love symmetry, it’s our nature. It’s why we find so much beauty in butterfly wings, stars, and snowflakes. This is also why we find symmetrical faces more attractive. (2) With face yoga, you can easily straighten up your facial features. Do a few simple exercises every morning and evening and watch your face become more balanced and harmonious. With better symmetry, your eyes, mouth, and cheeks will look more attractive than ever before.

Benefits of face yoga for your body

Face yoga exercises benefit not only your face but your whole body, too.

5. It eases tension from your spine

Face yoga has never-ending advantages for your face. While doing the exercises for the cheeks, neck, and jawline, you will feel the burn in your neck and shoulders. This is because you’re engaging the upper spine. By stretching it every day, you’ll improve your posture and reduce the chance of headaches. This is especially important for office workers and anyone who sits for long periods.

6. It helps to regulate your breathing

Doing face yoga in the morning and evening gives you time to breathe. Let your body circulate air calmly while you do your daily exercises. This helps to reduce tension in the chest and upper body and also sets up healthy breathing patterns for the day.

7. It helps you look more energized

You do face yoga with your face and neck muscles, which impact the whole body. The joint stretches triggered by the neck exercises extend through the whole spine. Giving the spine this flex first thing in the morning is a sure way to have a springy and energized walk all day long.

Benefits of face yoga for your mental health

Thousands of people out there swear by face yoga’s effect on mental health. Putting just several minutes aside, you can turn every day into a spa day.

8. It improves your mental health by providing quality “me” time

It’s not always easy to make quality time for yourself in this modern, hectic world. Embracing face yoga as part of your daily routine lets you do this. Setting aside just five to ten minutes per day can make a massive difference. The secret is that face yoga is not just about facial exercises. It’s also a great way to ground yourself and engage in deep meditative breathing.

9. It lets you indulge in a 100% natural beauty regimen

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, face yoga is a pure, natural solution to staying beautiful. No need for traumatic surgery or needle injections. Do these simple exercises and enjoy spa-like relaxation time. For an even more pampering experience, throw in your favorite fragrant cosmetic skincare product.

10. It reduces headaches

Thanks to built-in self-massage techniques, face yoga can be your magic helper in beating the mild headaches. Be it bad weather, a hangover, or PMS, try some face yoga exercises and acupressure massage for a quick relief.

11. It helps balance your emotions

As with any other kind of yoga, face yoga helps you achieve inner balance. By doing the exercises, you can regulate your breathing and reach a meditative state. Your mind will also be more relaxed and your emotions more steady. Face yoga is a great way to beat morning anxiety or evening stress. Read more: Does face yoga really work? Find out now

So why should you make face yoga a daily habit?

Face yoga is an absolute bargain for the sheer number of benefits you get from a 100% natural beauty technique. Face yoga not only benefits your looks and smoothes out your face, thousands of those who’ve adopted face yoga feel more balanced, toned, and energized. This self-care regimen lies at the intersection of facials, yoga, and meditation. Try it out for yourself and enjoy the massive difference in your quality of life.