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Gua Sha for Double Chin: Researching How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days | Luvly

Written by Angela RosoffUpdated on 17 Jul 2024
Skin Care

Gua Sha for Double Chin: Researching How to Lose Double Chin in 5 Days | Luvly

Written by Angela Rosoff.Updated at 17 Jul 2024
In the Chinese language, Gua Shua characters are a combination: 刮痧. Gua, 刮, means “scrape”. Shua, 痧, means “sand”. Gua sha massage in its oldest documented form of use was during Paleolithic Age of human history, roughly 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 BC. At first, gua sha was used with coins to massage those in a coma to improve the patient’s blood circulation. Today, we use gua sha in the form of a number of mediums: crystals, stone, water buffalo horns, ceramic, plastic, and wood among other materials. Gua Sha offers elimination of stagnant energy and cooling quality to the skin and body overall. With the miraculous benefits of removing stuck energy and inflammation, gua sha is revered as a holistic health practice and often applied alongside acupuncture. On the skin, we find that following the line of facial anatomy to be helpful in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles by improving circulation with gua sha’s gentle friction. There have been a multitude of scientific studies done with gua sha for inflammation reduction. Some of them are rounded up in this outline from 2015. Inside this article, it describes gua sha as found to help even chronic health conditions with a potent effect of inflammation reduction with use up to 7 minutes. The finding expands the simple idea to a direct correlation of minimizing chronic health condition improvements, as well as improving the symptoms of: neuralgia, fever, migraines, and back aches. If you want to learn more gua sha, explore a gua sha routine for beginners.

How can gua sha prevent and reduce the double chin?

In short, the gua sha effect is cumulative. This means that soothing your skin daily with a cold stone massage does lead to a smoother skin and more toned muscles thanks to the better blood flow in the area. Properly directed massage also aids the lymph drainage in the under-skin fat and muscle tissues. Lymph drainage drives puffiness from your lower face area through the neck and shoulders and away into the body systems. Doing this daily allows your neck and chin to look consistently slimmer and more chiseled. All you need for this is a gua sha tool.

What to keep in mind when choosing a gua sha tool?

  • Impeccably smooth surface
  • Material with natural cooling qualities
It’s that simple. Other than that, you will only need your hands and a little knowledge. Gua sha is so easy to incorporate in your routines, and it is simply fun to do. Try it for 21 day to form a habit and see how it helps to minimize the double chin appearance.

How to use gua sha for double chin reduction?

Massage face and neck

The massage helps the blood to run through all your skin vessels, bringing nutrients to your facial muscles and tissues. Even by itself it is a sure way to create a radiant and healthy-looking visage. As the gua sha technique calls for a lubricant, we recommend combining it with applying your favorite serum to leverage the effect from both procedures.

Roll the neck

Use the longer side of your gua sha tool. Press it to the neck in the middle and roll up, all the way to the tip of your chin. Repeat this move continuously. It helps to roll and flex the platysma muscle, a large and tender flat muscle stretching from top of your pectorals to your jawline.

Sculpt the jawline

The gua sha is known to release the face muscles. It helps to remove the excess tension otherwise contained in your jaw muscles, which creates wrinkles and lines. Use the gua sha curvy sides to run along your jaw bone, under your chin, around your ears and the sides of your neck. Repeat each move for 10-15 times.


If you want to focus on de-puffing the face, it would be a good idea to store your gua sha tool in the fridge. As you do your routine, the simultaneous skin flexing and cooling effect will help the excess liquids to get back into body systems, leaving the skin surface smooth and tight.


Gua sha is a simple and efficient tool to give your face a full spa procedure anywhere, anytime. If you are looking to reduce double chin, using gua sha may be helpful for tightening up your neck skin and creating a better pronounced jawline. However, as any beauty procedure, it will be most efficient when combined with other healthy lifestyle choices.