Face Yoga

Keep a fresh look with face yoga for under-eye bags

Written by Vera KarimovaUpdated on 07 Sep 2022
Face Yoga

Keep a fresh look with face yoga for under-eye bags

Written by Vera Karimova.Updated at 07 Sep 2022
No one likes looking tired, and nothing signals “tired” more clearly than under-eye bags. Crescent-shaped puffy areas right under the bottom eyelids can really change your look and dampen your mood. There are many different causes behind under-eye bags, also called malar bags. Often, they’re associated with tiredness or harmful habits, such as smoking. Another possible reason is called lower eyelid fat prolapse. In this case, your natural fat pad shifts forward from its under-eye area, creating permanently bulging under-eye marks. Also on the list of under-eye bag causes are Thyroid eye disease and certain other conditions. There are various beauty treatments intended to diminish under-eye bags. Laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and fillers may help to improve skin tone, yet should be approached carefully. For example, for people with brown or black skin, laser resurfacing carries a risk of permanent changes in skin color. Talk with your provider to avoid this. If your under-eye bags are not that bad but still won’t go away after a good night’s sleep, you may want to look into face yoga.

Can face yoga help with under-eye bags?

Eye bags don’t have a single anatomic basis. For different anatomic problems, different treatments are recommended. Let’s look at some methods to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags. If your puffy eyes are simply caused by several days of unhealthy choices, the solution is easy. Cut back on salt and junk, balance your water intake, do lymph drainage massage, and odds are you’ll be good in a week. Under-eye bags formed over time from environmental and lifestyle factors can be treated. Choose suitable beauty products, proper skin care and nutrition, regular massages, and face yoga. Fillers, used on the sagging areas under the eyes, can be a quick fix for a month or two, but make sure you get the best specialist you can for this. You don’t want to end up in a magazine article about drifting filler. For severe cases, there is a surgery called blepharoplasty. A surgeon cuts the lower eyelid and retracts the fat pad with tweezers. Like with any surgery, there is a risk of area misshaping and other side effects, though, so consider this option carefully.

What face yoga exercises for under-eye bags do we recommend?

The eyelid skin is the thinnest in the human body, at times only 0.2mm thick. It makes the under-eye area so tricky for treatment. Even massagers can sometimes be too harsh for these tender zones. That’s why we recommend doing a combination of calisthenic muscle exercises and facial massage moves for the most gentle approach.

The V

  1. Make a V shape with your index and middle fingers.
  2. Put the V on your eye so that your fingers are on the corners of your eye.
  3. Look up to the ceiling.
  4. Half-close your eye, feeling the tension in your orbicular eye muscles.
  5. Feel the fluttering in your muscles. Hold like this for 5 seconds. Release.
  6. Repeat.

Pull and wink

  1. Put your fingertips on your cheekbones and pull the under-eye skin down just a little bit. Don’t overpull!
  2. Look at the ceiling.
  3. Holding the skin under your eyes in place, blink slowly 10 to 15 times.
  4. Now look up and diagonally to the top right corner. Blink slowly 10-15 times again.
  5. Look up and diagonally to the top left corner. Blink slowly and consciously 10-15 times.
  6. Relax your whole eye area.
Butterfly puller
  1. Put the first two phalanges of your index fingers to your cheekbones.
  2. Hold gently, just fixing the muscle in place, no need to push.
  3. Open your mouth, form an “O” shape and tuck your lips behind your teeth.
  4. Look up.
  5. Now blink for 30 seconds, feeling an effort in your eye muscles. Don't forget to breathe through your nose.
  6. When finished, close your eyes, put down your shoulders and relax.
Nose massage
  1. Put your index fingers on both sides of your nose.
  2. Press and start massaging the sides of your nose in a forward and backward motion.
  3. Go along your nose from the top to bottom and back.
  4. Repeat this massage for 30 seconds. Make sure to massage the whole length of your nose thoroughly several times.
  5. Relax.
Eye circle pose
  1. Make a circle with your thumb and index finger.
  2. Put the circle around your eye.
  3. Hold it tight to fix the orbicularis muscles in place.
  4. Try closing your eye. It will take effort.
  5. Holding your eye in this closing position, hold it like this for 10 seconds.
  6. Release and relax.
  7. Repeat on your other eye.

Do’s and Don’ts of reducing under-eye bags

Do regulate your salt intake. Salt will make the liquids stay in the body and cause swelling. Also, refrain from drinking too much water in the evening. Do try to rule out any possible allergies. Try not to eat new foods for some time, and consider getting natural hypoallergenic linen bed sheets. Do use sunscreen. A study by Goldman and colleagues concluded that in 35% of cases, under-eye bags are caused by skin laxity and sun damage. Don’t sleep on your face. Do your best to learn to sleep on your back. It’s hard, but it will do wonders for you. Don’t rub your eyes. It can cause irritation and swelling in addition to the puffiness already there.