Face Yoga

5 best face yoga exercises to fix turkey neck

Written by Meena AzzolliniUpdated on 25 Aug 2022
Face Yoga

5 best face yoga exercises to fix turkey neck

Written by Meena Azzollini.Updated at 25 Aug 2022
Turkey Neck is an unflattering term used for the appearance of loose skin around the neck, jawline, and chin. As we age, our neck muscles weaken and the skin in this area loses elasticity and firmness that keeps it in shape. While everyone ages differently, you can generally start seeing physical signs of aging on your face and neck after the age of 40 when the skin around your neck starts to loosen. Specifically, collagen and elastin—connective tissue proteins—begin to deteriorate, which ultimately leads to sagging skin, wrinkles and skin folds that resemble rings around the neck, which can deepen. Our skin also becomes drier and thinner, as we get older, and cannot maintain form and shape, leaving us with loose skin and an unattractive neck and jawline. Other culprits responsible for turkey neck are sun exposure, genetics and lifestyle habits such as smoking. More recently, our modern lifestyle which includes the prolonged use of computers and mobiles may be responsible for the premature appearance of turkey neck, also known as ‘phone neck’ or ‘tech neck’. Spending long hours looking down at our mobile phones changes our posture which affects lower face skin and muscles and is also harmful to our cervical spine. Specifically, these postures alter our neck and jawline significantly as we squash down the skin and muscles in this area, resulting in a double chin and excessive wrinkles. Fortunately, neck exercises can help reduce the appearance of turkey neck without invasive procedures. Face yoga exercises can prevent unwanted sagging skin and wrinkles and also help tone and lift the skin and muscles around the neck, chin, and jawline.

Can Facial Exercises Help?

Face yoga exercises give your neck and jaw muscles a good workout and focus on building muscle strength while stimulating collagen production. Dr Scott Michael Schreiber, a chiropractic physician, shares in this Healthline article, that the front neck muscles are often underdeveloped, inhibited, and almost never exercised in a gym or therapy setting. He goes on to say, “[Weak front neck muscles] can be a major cause of a droopy neck and a hidden cause of neck pain. Done properly, these exercises should not only sharpen the jawline, but also prevent neck pain, headaches, and jaw pain.” Exercises also improve other factors, such as circulation, that contribute to better skin quality and may reduce the onset and severity of the appearance of turkey neck.

Face Yoga Exercises for Turkey Neck

Practise face and neck exercises consistently. Follow one exercise after another to ensure you are giving your muscles a good workout. However, if you feel any pain while doing the poses, gently come out of the pose. It’s also important to have the right posture while working out. The following steps will help you correct your posture and maintain the pose:
  • Breathe in and release the tension around your shoulders, bringing them down.
  • Relax and straighten your back and hold your neck tall.
  • Open your chest area, relax your forehead, and keep breathing gently.
  • Remember not to slouch.
The following face yoga exercises for turkey neck can be done anywhere and don’t need any special equipment.

Neck Power Pose

With this exercise, you are working the platysma and associated muscles to tone and shape your neck in its natural form. The platysma is a big muscle that radiates from the top of the jaw to the shoulders. How to do it: Step 1. Place your fingers on your collarbone to feel the muscles moving as you squeeze and lift the platysma. Do it a few times to understand the action you will take when exercising. Step 2. Run the back of your fingers up your neck, tucking them under your chin and finish with gently closed fists. This pulls the neck skin slightly upwards and stops wrinkling of the neck while you practise the exercise. Step 3. Holding that position, gently pull your elbows and fists out a bit. Keep your chin connected to your fingers. You may notice sagging skin bunching up near your chin, but that is normal and as you exercise regularly, your skin will tighten up. Step 4. Keeping your mouth closed, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth or the bottom of the mouth. Step 5. Move your head up and down one second at a time, trying to touch your chin to your chest and focus on squeezing the front neck muscles. Practice this motion for 10 seconds. Step 6. Release the pose. Take three deep breaths. Repeat and repeat this pose 2 more times.

Neck Lifter

This exercise tones sagging skin, and weak muscles in the neck area and helps reduce a double chin too. When the muscles tone, the skin over it will tighten and give your neck a smoother appearance. With this exercise, you are working out the muscles under the chin and upper neck region. How to do it: Step 1. Make your hands into fists and place them under the chin so that your chin is parallel to the floor. Step 2. With your chin resting on your fingers, breathe in through your nose, close your mouth and bring the tip of your tongue up and down the roof of your mouth at a rate of one per second. Step 3. Do this for 30 seconds and take a break for 5-6 seconds. Step 4. Do 30 more again. Then bring your hands slowly down.

YUM Neck Line Reducer

While this exercise may seem funny, it is extremely beneficial for toning your neck and chin muscles. So don’t worry if you laugh when doing this workout. How to do it: Step 1. Gently tilt your head back and move your gaze upwards. Step 2. Place the palm of your hand underneath the jawline. Step 3. Silently say the word “yum”. Repeat it over and over for one minute. Step 4. Release the pose and repeat.

Double Chin Lift with Tongue

Even men love this exercise, which helps to reduce turkey neck and tone muscles in this area. Created by Fumiko Takatsu, this routine is quick and easy to practice. How to do it: Step 1. Breathe in, relax and drop your shoulders. Hold your back and neck high. Move your gaze upwards towards the ceiling. Step 2. Lift your head up, following your gaze. Step 3. Ensure that your forehead is not wrinkled. You can also place your hand on your forehead to stop any wrinkles. Step 4. Stick your tongue out and point it upwards and hold for 5 seconds. Step 5. Now move your tongue to the right and hold for 5 seconds. Then move your tongue to the left and again hold for 5 seconds. Come out of the pose and breath. Step 6. Repeat the set again.

Jaw Release Exercise

Remember how your jaw moves while you are chewing gum? While we chew gum, we release tension from the jaw with the up and down motion. This routine has similar movements and is one of the easiest exercises for a turkey neck. How to do it: Step 1. Sit up with your back straight and lift your head towards the ceiling. Step 2. Keeping your mouth closed, make a chewing motion while opening and closing your jaw repeatedly in a circular motion. Step 3. Chew for 20-30 seconds and then stop for 10 seconds. Step 4. Repeat the routine again 15-20 times. You can also do this exercise without lifting your head. However, try turning your head left to right while chewing.

Results of the Face Exercises For The Neck

Toning your neck muscles takes time, but with regular exercises practised at least four times a week, you can see your neck getting more smooth and lifted. For best effect, it's advisable to combine exercises for the double chin and the face to get a full workout.