Face Yoga

10 secrets of the face yoga face lift

Written by Vera KarimovaUpdated on 31 Aug 2022
Face Yoga

10 secrets of the face yoga face lift

Written by Vera Karimova.Updated at 31 Aug 2022
Is face yoga the new face lift? With the emerging trends of natural beauty, even the less-invasive approaches to the face lift are often considered too much by the rejuvenation seekers. What if we told you that you can get a comparable effect and a pleasurable me-time instead of painful healing time and bills? In recent years, a healthy alternative to the beauty surgeries has been trending on the wellness market. The facial lifting exercises known since the hatha yoga times have re-surfaced in the convenient form of face yoga. More and more people choose this surgery-free, natural and easy face lift technique. In this post we will look into the science behind it and get advice from a top expert. Find out all you need to give yourself a daily face lift with just your bare hands.

How does face yoga face lift work?

Just like yoga is good for your body, face yoga is good for your face. It warms up the muscles and gives a good stretch to your facial blood and lymphatic vessels. This brings a flow of energy to the skin and tissues, making you look younger and energised. To help you reach the best possible result, we have got the 10 best practices below.

Face lifting face yoga: expert tips and facelift exercises

1. Consistency is key

Just like with regular yoga or fitness, it takes time to see the results. Good news is that it doesn’t take too much time. People report seeing improvements in 4-6 weeks of the regular routine. If your schedule is too tight to do face yoga twice in the day, pick morning or night time, whichever you feel more likely to stick to.

2. Prioritise lifting exercises

Not all exercises in face yoga are targeted solely on the face lifting effect. If you are looking for a tighter looking face, pick the ones like Pufferfish, the Cheek Lifter, the Instant Face Lift (Tongue Out) and the Slide Up. How to do Slide Up:
  1. Take your palm and hold it firmly to your eyebrow.
  2. Start moving it upward with small, vibrational movements.
  3. Continue doing this as if you're smoothing the eyebrow and forehead.
  4. Relax your forehead muscles and enjoy this activity.
  5. Repeat it 5 times for each side.

3. Symmetry exercises!

As one ages, the face features get impacted by gravity, chewing patterns, preferred sleeping pose, etc. These factors can result in differences between the right and the left side of your face. One of the surgery face lift secrets is that the doctor improves this imbalance. But now you can, too! Pick the exercises that work for face features symmetry: Head Tilts, Mouthwash and Cheek Puffer. How to do Cheek Puffer:
  1. Breathe in and puff out your cheeks.
  2. Hold the air in your mouth.
  3. Swish the air from side to side.
  4. Do this for 30 seconds and release the air gently.
  5. Repeat this 3 times.

4. Engage the neck and tongue

You may not notice it, but your neck muscles massively impact how your lower face looks. Your face looks lifted when your neck is stretched, strong, smooth and taken care of. To avoid neck circles or sagging skin, use exercises like Neck Lift and Tongue Stretch in your routine. How to do Tongue Stretch:
  1. Keep your head straight and stick your tongue out as far as it will go.
  2. Lift your tongue upward and try to lick your nose.
  3. Hold this pose for 10 seconds.
  4. Release.
  5. Repeat 2 times more.

5. Lymphatic massage

So powerful and so easy to include in your usual skin care routine. If you feel that your face gets a little heavy in the bottom area, try doing the lymph drainage massage in the evenings. For example, do this massage when applying your hydrating cream. In a week's time, you will love the effect! How to do Lymph Drainage:
  1. Put your fingers near the corners of the eyes.
  2. Move from the eyes to the earlobes, gently pushing into the skin, but avoiding under-eye area.
  3. Move all the way to the large lymph nodes in the neck.
  4. Push down the sides of the neck to remove all excess puffiness.
  5. Repeat slowly for 5-7 times.

6. Involve the right products

While your hands work wonders with your skin, don’t miss this opportunity to have some quality time one on one with your favorite beauty products. Various kinds can be used as the ointments for the smoother action during the face massage and yoga. Everyone’s skin is different, so we encourage you to indulge in products you already use and love.

7. Target several areas

Face fitness shares basic principles with the gym training. Make it a habit to adjust your target areas based on the day of the week, just like you mix up the leg days with core days. Make it a rule to tend to your upper face, lower face and neck every week. Keep doing this for several weeks, and you will love the result.

8. Ally with nutrition

Just like with the face lifting surgery, you have to look into some lifestyle changes if you aim for a good-looking face lift. Our skin is, above all, a body organ. Just like your liver or kidneys, skin works with whatever nutrients you put in your body. If you want to see the results of face yoga exercises on your face, nurture your beauty from inside with the right foods.

9. Restoration matters

Restoration is just as important as the effort. After a session of face yoga, give yourself several minutes of relaxation. Do a steamy wrapping, lie down for a minute, light up an incense stick. Do not check your screens. Closing your eyes or looking at the horizon will give them the best rest possible.

10. Sleep well

In the sleep your skin regenerates and restores damage done over day with the exposure and UV rays. So let your skin cells do the job over 7-8 hours of healthy rest. You may also want to sleep on your back and pick good natural fabrics for your bedding, ideally linen or silk.

11. Make it a “me”-time

Just the most important eleventh face yoga face lift tip we sneaked in…

So, what is the secret of the face yoga face lift?

70% among Luvly users say making the face yoga session a “me”-time is what keeps them going. Engaging in the mindfulness techniques will help to create your own restoration bubble twice a day. Make it a full-scale spa experience with the relaxing music, and maybe, your favourite aroma? It is proven that doing face yoga for 20 minutes twice a day can take 3 years off your looks. Now imagine what a 20-minute spa time twice a day can do.