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Empowering Beauty and Confidence: An In-Depth Discussion with Marina Klimenka, Co-founder of Luvly App

Written by Valeria ZhyvotovaUpdated on 01 Aug 2023
Face Yoga

Empowering Beauty and Confidence: An In-Depth Discussion with Marina Klimenka, Co-founder of Luvly App

Written by Valeria Zhyvotova.Updated at 01 Aug 2023
    Meet Marina Klimenka, the visionary Co-founder of the Luvly app and Chief Product Officer at Gismart. Her foray into health and fitness apps is rooted in personal battles with weight and skin concerns, which inspired the creation of Luvly. In this dialogue, we unpack Marina's trajectory, unearthing the heartwarming story behind Luvly and its mission to empower women by bolstering self-confidence, and advocating positive body imagery. Journey with us as we explore her steadfast commitment to enhancing lives, making a significant impact in the beauty and wellness sector.

    In your role as a Co-founder of Luvly and the brains behind several of Gismart’s other Health & Fitness apps, could you start with your personal journey to health and wellness? What has inspired you to create these products?

    In my early years, growing up in a small town, I had limited exposure to processed foods. Being a slender child, it might have appeared as if I hardly ate at all. However, everything changed when we moved to the bustling city. The lure of ultra-processed foods in school cafeterias led to daily indulgences in a variety of junk foods such as pastries, pizza, and chips, a trend that continued through my high school graduation. Without realizing it, I had become addicted to eating these unhealthy foods. My parents probably didn't realize the extent of my consumption because I often ate in solitude, away from their prying eyes. Unfortunately, the repercussions of this dietary shift manifested on my skin with subcutaneous whiteheads covering a significant portion of my face. Desperate for solutions, I sought help from various cosmetologists and dermatologists, only to receive short-term, ineffective remedies. The link between my diet and skincare was never made clear. After graduating from college, I decided to lose weight drastically. By restricting myself to just 1000 calories and neglecting macronutrients, I lost another 15-17 pounds. However, the toll on my body was immense, leading to hormonal imbalances and disruptions in my cycle. It was a wake-up call to realize that my diet had a significant impact on both my physical and mental well-being, and inspired me to delve into the realm of face yoga and nutrition.

    How long did it take for you to see results in your body and on your skin?

    Through a journey of diets, health challenges, and self-discovery, I immersed myself in the world of nutrition and embraced a holistic approach to my well-being. The transformative power of proper eating habits became apparent as my weight issues and facial imperfections vanished. I now live by these 7 lifestyle principles:
    1. Whole foods form the foundation of my diet.
    2. A daily array of vegetables and greens.
    3. Beneficial fats derived frome fish, avocados, olive oil, and nuts are a top priority.
    4. I steer clear of heavily processed foods and sugar.
    5. Daily physical activity, be it yoga, walking, tennis, or stretching, is a must.
    6. A minimum of 7 hours of restorative sleep.
    7. A cherished part of my routine is self-care through face yoga and skincare.
    My conviction remains that our food choices coupled with sleep, exercise, and mental well-being dictate our overall health, appearance, and longevity, mitigating the reliance on medications.

    Could you shed light on the genesis of Luvly and its envisioned role in bolstering female beauty and self-assuredness?

    In March 2020, the story of Luvly began as "Facetory," an innovative face yoga app focused on exploring the realm of natural facial beauty. My role as a Product Manager of Health and Wellness apps, accentuated my commitment to health and beauty, prompting extensive research and a keen observation of ever-evolving beauty trends. Amidst my busy schedule, I sought a touch of self-care, and my discovery of the powerful combination of face yoga and skincare left a profound impact. Over time, I observed undeniable changes in my skin's elasticity and facial contours. However, the true beauty of face yoga was its profound impact on my inner well-being. Beyond physical transformations, face yoga sessions became a cherished daily ritual, offering a tranquil space before the day's activities commenced, leaving me with newfound confidence and self-awareness. Compelled by this transformative experience, I felt a deep desire to empower other women with an accessible, adaptable, and cost-effective self-care routine that transcends the superficial. Thus, Luvly was born, serving as a beacon for women aspiring to embrace their authentic beauty and nurture a profound mind-body connection. As the world faced unprecedented challenges in 2020 with the Covid pandemic, Luvly's presence became even more relevant. Women sought solace in the app, finding a sanctuary where their inner beauty was cherished, and their self-confidence was reignited. Luvly stands as a testament that genuine beauty is not confined to appearances; it emanates from the depths of our hearts, celebrating the uniqueness of every woman's soul. Together, we embark on a transformative journey, proving that beauty is a powerful ally in cultivating confidence and self-love.

    Can you share some success stories that have resonated with Luvly users or the positive impact the app has had on the beauty community?

    The success stories pouring in from the Luvly community have been nothing short of heartening. One of our recent users, Mary, struggled with self-confidence due to skin issues and signs of aging. After consistently using Luvly's personalized face yoga programs and skincare guides, she saw remarkable improvements in her skin's tone, texture, and overall appearance. Not only did her face become more sculpted, but her self-esteem soared as she felt more in control of her beauty journey. Another inspiring story comes from Sarah, she has been with Luvly for 2 years. She had been dealing with stress and anxiety in her daily life. Luvly's face yoga exercises and breathing techniques became an essential part of her self-care routine. Through her regular practice, she found a sense of calmness and inner peace, transforming her beauty routine into a holistic approach to both mental and physical well-being. Beyond individual transformations, Luvly has fostered a strong and supportive beauty community. Our users share their progress, offer tips, and cheer one another up, creating a space where everyone feels encouraged and motivated on their unique journeys.

    Luvly aims to empower women and promote self-confidence. How does the app achieve this, and what role does it play in promoting a positive body image and self-care?

    At Luvly, our mission is to empower women and promote their self-confidence. Through personalized face yoga programs, facial massages, and skincare guides, we aim for users to recognize and celebrate their uniqueness and intrinsic beauty. Beyond physical appearance, our app emphasizes mental well-being through mindfulness practices, allowing users to experience a boost in self-esteem and inner balance. We are dedicated to fostering a positive body image by celebrating diversity and creating an inclusive space for all users. Luvly challenges traditional beauty standards, encouraging women to embrace their individuality with pride. Moreover, we promote self-care as a fundamental aspect of our approach, offering nutrition plans, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices to help users cultivate a holistic well-being. By providing a supportive community where open discussions thrive, Luvly strives to inspire women to love themselves, fostering a sense of empowerment that extends far beyond the app and into their everyday lives.

    As a woman in tech, what advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact?

    My advice is to embrace your unique perspective and strengths. Don't let preconceived notions or industry biases hold you back; instead, use your diverse background as a source of innovation and creativity. Seek mentorship and build a strong network of supportive individuals who can guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. Stay passionate about your mission, and let your commitment to making a difference fuel your determination to overcome challenges. Remember that your impact goes beyond the products or services you offer – it's about empowering others, promoting inclusivity, and driving positive change in the lives of your customers and the community at large. Embrace your authenticity, harness your skills, and be relentless in pursuing your vision, for it is through unwavering commitment that you can truly make a meaningful and lasting impact in the beauty and wellness industry.

    What keeps you motivated to drive the success of Luvly?

    What keeps me motivated is the genuine impact it has on the lives of our users. Witnessing the positive transformation in women's self-confidence, body image, and overall well-being through our app fuels my passion every day. Knowing that we are empowering women to embrace self-care, practice face yoga, and nurture their inner beauty drives me to continually innovate and improve our offerings. Additionally, the incredible feedback and success stories we receive from our users further reinforce our mission and motivate me to push the boundaries of what Luvly can achieve. As an entrepreneur, seeing the real and tangible difference we make in the beauty and wellness space is the ultimate reward and what keeps me driven to take Luvly to new heights.

    Lastly, what message would you like to share with the Luvly community and those who are considering using the app to enhance their beauty and confidence?

    Embrace your unique beauty, practice self-care with love, and let Luvly be your empowering companion on the journey to enhanced beauty and confidence. Together, we can nurture your inner radiance and create a positive impact on your life. Join us for a transformative experience that celebrates your individuality and empowers you to shine from within.
    If you want to learn more about Marina, you can find her on LinkedIn.