Skin Care

Chocolate or a good complexion? The effects of Easter on women’s skin

Written by Valeria ZhyvotovaUpdated on 12 Mar 2024
Skin Care

Chocolate or a good complexion? The effects of Easter on women’s skin

Written by Valeria Zhyvotova.Updated at 12 Mar 2024

Key findings:

  • For 38% of women, overindulging during the Easter holidays leads to skin issues
  • Some 27% of women experience swelling and 21% struggle with acne breakouts
  • To avoid problems, 1 in 8 women hold back from overindulging during holiday meals
The Easter weekend offers a welcomed chance to chill. If only our skin would do the same… One chocolate bunny leads to another, your sleep schedule goes out the window, and your skincare routine gets neglected for another hour in bed or another movie (with a buttery hot cross bun in hand). Your mind and stomach might enjoy the break that Easter brings, but your skin will likely end the holidays feeling worse for wear. The Luvly team recently surveyed 2,000 women on the effects of Easter on the health of their skin and whether maintaining a good complexion ever gets in the way of enjoying the celebrations.

Spots and swelling: The cost of celebrating Easter

With Easter comes chocolate — and lots of it. In the US alone, consumers spend $2.6bn on treats to celebrate the holiday. But for many women, the occasion isn’t all sweet, with more than a third experiencing skin issues.
Some 27% of women experience swelling and 21% have to deal with acne. Why? Because despite tasting good, junk food and sugary snacks are high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, which increase the skin’s sebum production. So if you’re prone to oil-related breakouts, your skin will be working overtime while feast away over the Easter break.

Will skin problems put a stop to your holidays?

With 62% of women experiencing no sudden skin issues, most can get away with putting skincare aside for a few days to spend time with their friends and family. However, for many women, the problems that arise during the Easter holidays are enough to stop them from enjoying the occasion to its fullest.
Putting a hydrated and pimple-free face ahead of a stomach full of roasted ham and sweet bread, 12% of women refrain from enjoying their favorite festive foods in order to maintain their complexion. But maintaining your healthy glow doesn’t have to mean canceling your Easter plans. With plenty of hydration, a touch of vitamin C, and regular face yoga, many women can ease their Easter struggles without passing up the piles of chocolate.
Methodology: To create this study, Luvly surveyed 2,000 women aged over 18 years old with no focus on particular geographies, ethnicities, or social backgrounds.