Face Yoga

Best face yoga apps for 2023

Written by Meena AzzolliniUpdated on 07 Jun 2024
Face Yoga

Best face yoga apps for 2023

Written by Meena Azzollini.Updated at 07 Jun 2024
Over the past decades, the focus in wellness has been on healthy skin and natural beauty, a trend that continues to grow rapidly with digitization. We become exposed to new ideas, products and services embracing skin care, beauty, and anti-aging. One such popular trend in natural beauty is face yoga, which is a non-invasive method of achieving healthy-looking skin, toned facial muscles and less than noticeable wrinkles. The best part about face yoga is that it is accessible, and the exercises can be done at home with the correct guidance. Thus, it’s not surprising to see face yoga apps pop up in the market catering to today’s digital-savvy consumers and helping them achieve healthy skin and toned facial muscles on the go.

What are the best apps to practice face yoga?

The best app to use for face yoga is a personal choice, depending on what you are looking for. Do you prefer quick and easy programs? Are you looking for a personalised routine, or do you like goal-based workouts? To make it easy for you, we have listed 10 best face yoga apps based on our experience. Some of the best face yoga apps on the market are:
  • Koko for quick exercises
  • Luvly for personalized exercise routines
  • FaceYoga for ease of use
  • FaceJoy for goal-based programs
  • MEW for men
  • 10 Minute 4 Beauty for interactivity and fun
  • Daily Face Yoga Exercises for free video tutorials

What makes a good face yoga app?

There are many face yoga apps, but only the good ones will attract users who will use them consistently, recommend to others, and even pay. The reason ‌these apps are liked is because they are designed with the end user in mind, offering an exceptional user experience. A good face yoga app today will likely include the following features:

Face Yoga Expertise

It is important that face yoga experts design the tutorials and information in the apps. They are aware of the effects of these exercises have on your health and wellbeing and have the expertise in recommending the right set of exercises, along with other actions you should take, or activities you should avoid.

Rich Content

Besides information about face yoga, a good face yoga app will also provide guidance and advice on other health-related topics such as skincare, nutrition and diet, and exercise, empowering users with information to look after their health.

Customized Programs

A customized exercise program based on individual problem areas, goals, and facial features works better for app users than a standard program.

AR Technology

A good face yoga app will let you choose your target areas and set goals for yourself while the better ones help you define these target areas. But apps that incorporate AR technology and your smartphone’s built-in features for ultra-personalization stand out from the rest.

Live Model Tutorials

Good face yoga apps are user-friendly and helpful, which means apps with video courses or live model tutorials feature high on the popularity list.


Other sought-out features for a good app are the ability to record and track progress and the gamification of the experience.


Consumers prefer products that offer a personalized skincare experience and are even willing to pay more for them. This feature becomes crucial in a face yoga app and differentiates the good ones from the average.
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Best app for quick exercises


Koko Face Yoga (iOS, Android)

Developed by face yoga expert Koko Hayashi, this app offers quick and easy video exercises under 10 categories. Hayashi shows the exercises without talking and you can practise them while looking at the video. Some exercises have the AI feature to guide you, but not all of them. You can track your progress and get daily tips along with recommended exercises for the day. Most of the tutorials are available on a monthly subscription of $15.99 or a yearly subscription of $164.99. Few videos are free to try.

Best app for personalized exercise routines


Luvly (iOS, Android)

Luvly offers a personalized 4-week plan of face yoga exercises based on your responses to some quick questions about your facial condition. The exercises are easy to follow, delivered via live model videos with spoken instructions and closed captioning. Fun part is that app tracks your progress and enables you to collect points, visualizing your way to a toned and sculpted face. There are also skincare programs, audio courses, and master classes on nutrition for you to explore. All of this is available to you on a yearly subscription of $76.99. You can try the 3-day free trial to get a feel for the app. Banner 1 [1] (1).jpg

Best app for ease of use


FaceYoga (iOS, Android)

This app is not only about face yoga but also gives you tips, information, and news about wellbeing, including healthy recipes and healthy living. You can start with 7-days of welcome exercises or dive deeper into a full-face yoga practice. App has a range of exercises that target specific facial features or particular problems, demonstrated by various experts. The FaceYoga app offers an ad-free experience if you choose its premium monthly plan at $6.99 per month with your first 7 days free.

Best app for goal-based programs


FaceJoy (iOS, Android)

Promising results in just 8 minutes a day, this app generates a 7-day personalized program based on photo analysis and some quick questions. The facial fitness courses focus on various objectives, such as getting rid of crow’s feet, reducing wrinkles, or relaxing facial muscles. One feature that stands apart is that this app lets you take pictures after training and make other notes in your facial diary. Plus, you can earn cash coupon rewards for doing your exercises every week. Again, this is a paid product and it offers you a 3-day free trial.

Best app made for men


MEW (iOS, Android)

Specifically targeted at men, this app is named after orthodontist Dr Mike Mew. It features do-it-yourself facial restructuring mewing techniques that involve the proper tongue alignment. Besides exercises for mewing, you can watch videos for facial exercises and correct posture. The vast chunk of the app is dedicated to the chin tucks and other exercises called to develop a well-defined jawline.

Best app for interactivity and fun


10 Minute 4 Beauty (iOS, Android)

A face yoga program where you can exercise with music, this app welcomes you with an introduction video from the creator and face yoga coach, Jenny Markova. The interactive questionnaire creates a progressive personalized training plan for up to a year. And if the fun and energetic videos are not enough, you can access comprehensive courses, or even a private session with your personal trainer. The app has great community, and lets you chat with your trainer and other members.

Best app for free video tutorials and information


Daily Face Yoga Exercises (Android)

This app has a wealth of face yoga videos and exercises for targeting specific areas of your face or helping you achieve your goals. If you enjoy watching YouTube videos, then this app is for you as it collates video content from face yoga experts and brings it to you on the app. You can also read face yoga articles, discover new trends in the community section, and access courses. Many of the videos are free, but with premium access, you get personalized plans, exclusive editorial content, and more.
The best face yoga app for you will depend on your objectives and your learning style. If you prefer personalized exercise plans, then download Luvly, or, if you are community-driven, choose 10minute4beauty experience. Whatever app you ultimately choose, it’s a good idea to try out some free face yoga exercises to help you decide. Banner 2 [1] (1).jpg